Wirelessly sync your android phone pictures

For a while I’ve been looking for a way to conveniently sync directly with my android phone, without any cloud services like dropbox or etc.  Here’s a simple method – although I had to do a bit of googling to get it to work.  I’m kind of ashamed to say how long I limped along before finally devoting some time to getting this together.

First off I use this adware SSHDroid.  Who knows what information its phoning home?  But it is free, and works ok, and anyway I consider any information on an android phone to be compromised.  So..

step 1: install SSHDroid.

step 2: verify that you can ssh in to your android phone from the command line (you’re on linux, right?).  For example:

> ssh root@

step 3: set aside a directory on your computer into which you want to put your photos.  For me its ~/Pictures/phonepix.

step 4: cd to one up from there (for me ~/Pictures), and create a script file containing the following (change the ip address as appropriate, and be sure to chmod +x on the file):

> rsync -avz -e "ssh -p 10010" root@ phonepix

step 5: run it!  hope it works for you.  My phone is a galaxy nexus, yours may store the camera photos in a different location.  SSH in and find them, and edit accordingly.

I’d like to say you can sync your music and other documents in the same way, but it seems that that sync only works for download, not upload.  Some kind of permissions problem in android I suppose.  Perhaps another ssh server other than SSHDroid would do the trick for bidirectional sync.